i’m always thinking about this boy…


i’ve been in a total art rut lately but then i read harigane service and felt a strong urge to draw shimodaira’s ridiculous hair :v


so i messed with sai for the first time and the variety of brush options is just so overwhelming. i don’t even know how to make swatches… x_x



if anyone would ask why i like fuji, i’d just show them this screenshot tbh


stress doodle

sorry tsukki :v


30 Day Drawing Challenge


For the month of August, I tried out a modified version of this challenge. Since I was sure that I wouldn’t feel like drawing digitally every day, I did all the doodles on my sketchbook.

I made a bunch of fan art to fill the prompts, but there’s also some nudity and blood/death depicted, and while I’m not very good at drawing those topics I figured a warning was in order!

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my dad walked into me watching prince of tennis this morning and he said, “you’re really regressing lately”


told myself i wouldn’t get involved with this pairing, but then i watched the latest episode…

their outfits were so cute too


got an unexpected day off, so i doodled this baby bird to pass the time ^o^/