Daenerys is actually the Mother of Dragons, not the daughter. Hehehe take care Yanka! :)

oh, well my knowledge of it comes from this video and she kept saying “I am the dragon’s daughter” so… lol

you take care too! :)

Daenerys Targaryen from GoT with #7! :3

the only thing I know about GoT is that this girl is the dragon’s badass daughter


Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to your ten favourite followers (◡‿◡✿)

nawwww thanks cyt! i’d send this back to you but that’d be redundant ;-;

  1. When I was in preschool I used to wear Caterpillar boots with my school uniform
  2. I was bullied as a kid :( But I ended up bullying my bullies in the end… even sent one boy to the nurse’s office
  3. I totally had an emo phase. I’m probably still living through it
  4. I modeled on TV once
  5. boring fact: I’m nearsighted
Oh god, your drawings are so beautiful! The colours and the style are amazing, keep up the great work!

thank you so much, this makes me so happy!!! ;v;

no. i know you...i walked with you once upon a dream. lol no. but srsly, i know you. i love you.

ah, that’s both sweet and kinda uncomfortable to hear…


no i love love you.


ahehe thank you

i don’t know what to say

(maybe you should go off anon though)

i love you

well that’s very forward of you anon, but thank you for the sentiment! :)

hello! your tumblr valentine is back! sorry for being so late ;-; i have failed yet again. from now on ill message you more! but omfg your drawings are so amazing please give me some drawing talent I MEAN WOAH im looking at them now and they are beautiful. well, goodbye! have a nice day c:

naww that’s so sweet of you! thanks! uvu better late than never, I suppose! I hope you have a nice day as well~

HI i was supposed to be your tumblr valentine but i ended up having no internet for so long ;-; I AM SORRY. but you are really pretty okay! and ill reveal myself later nyehehehehe

Hahaha hello darling! It’s alright, the suspense in finding out your identity would be worth it in the end (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ and thank you hehe!

I really wanted to read fan fic but then I saw your message and I can’t say no to you yanting bb~~

but I’m really sorry for this though I couldn’t bring justice to baek ;~~;

[ n ]