So I’m at the bakeshop buying a birthday cake. Out of nowhere, three of my students come in and start hugging me saying, “Happy birthday Teacher Yanka!”

I’m just

I probably looked so pathetic buying my own birthday cake hahahahahahuhuhu

I had fun today though! My brother’s best friend (he’s practically my second brother now) stayed over for dinner so it was pretty lively ^u^


Just look at us three bespectacled nerds with thick eyebrows


"sort of" birthday celebration

I had an unexpected day off, so I decided to celebrate my birthday early!


First on my list — watching Kuroshitsuji!

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today was freaky. so many things happened, like how two practical strangers* asked for my life story today: first at the water cooler, then at the ladies’ room (while i was peeing, no less….); and the family also had pizza and donuts for dinner — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. i also got my new passport today, and that’s cool. something pretty problematic happened tonight though, but i’ll try not to let it get the best of me! :)


yeah well health-wise i don’t really know what to say about myself because last night was THE WORST i feel like nobody should have to go through that much pain and discomfort… but today i’m feeling pretty good aside from my annoying coughing…

i did feel well enough to sit down in front of my laptop for the first time in a while (i’ve been surfing using an iPad as of late since I preferred lying down whenever possible) so i was able to doodle something!

i hope to get back to drawing more stuff again soon, as well as be able to get back to work since it feels weird being unproductive…


Oh man I’ve been pretty sick for almost a week now and I just got back from my hospital checkup and if my blood pressure doesn’t rise up i’ve been recommended for hospital admission and I;;;; really hope I get better soon because I want to avoid the hospital at all costs :( hospitals are such sad places…..


While this isn’t the first time I’ve earned money, it was only today that I was truly able to spend it on myself.

These two books were effortless buys. I’ve been eyeing The Color Purple from even before I reached my teens, plus my interest in thrillers has only been increasing as of late. I wanted to buy some Shakespeare as well, but I reasoned that I’d rather check it out at the library first.

I’d initially planned on getting a haircut or buying new eyeglasses, but I ended up shopping for books (again). Ever since I was younger, I’ve always found it easy to splurge on literature. P1,000 bill for two books? Sure, why not. P250 for a shirt?! I’ll pass.

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I have a job! :)

The rest of this month is going to be so stressful for me omg for this week I know I’ll be working from 1-6PM with no breaks so I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to draw new things soon I’m so sorry (to you guys and to myself ;__;) but I’m currently planning some personal projects, so although it may take a while for me to complete them now that I have a job, I’ll most likely update this blog with the occasional WIP shot, dumb doodle, and totally unnecessary selfie.

Despite my lack of qualifications and experience I am currently working as a tutor, by the way. My job scope was for reading and grammar therapy, but as of late it has upgraded into including the more generic academic tutoring due to the kids’ examinations coming up. My students have behavioural issues, so it’s interesting and hella exhausting. The whole arrangement is kinda odd considering my formal training as a graphic designer, but it’s refreshing, to be honest. I’ve always liked kids, and it was a childhood dream of mine to be a teacher, so this is an amazing opportunity for me.

I’m crossing my fingers that I’d have some real free time by the end of this month to hang out with friends and maybe go on a nice calming date idk while I’m currently stressed to the bones, I’m still very happy and excited to wake up every day so that is an amazing improvement from my emotional state three months ago. I’m always at my best when I’m busy, I suppose.

On a side note, it is really weird being addressed as “Teacher Yanka” oh my goodness. In college I addressed my lecturers on a first name basis, plus this wasn’t what I prepared for as a career so this is all so foreign and I’m not used to this at all



I cannot believe how amazing today has been.

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incoherent update

I haven’t really posted anything artsy lately and that’s mostly because I still can’t be arsed to find a screwdriver so I could start fixing my pen tablet, and I’m also too lazy to scan the drawings I’ve been adding to my journal. In time…

The past few days have been filled with downloading new series and music, and the occasional comic read in between. Nothing really eventful. Plus with my brother now in his sophomore year in high school, the house is mostly empty. My brain tells me I should find a job, but the kind of job I’d be willing to do is actually home-based so…? >__>

Also, ever since yesterday I’ve been playing my Sims again and at the moment I’m already busying myself with three households plus one college household (the children of the three previous families) u__u When I felt like one household was getting too lonely without their children I let the parents try for a baby for the last time and then they bore twins smh I didn’t ask for this

This would make them the third family with twins (the first two were from the neighborhood I played last month) ;;;;;; I didn’t even put cheats or give the ladies cheesecake I don’t know why this keeps happening

Anyway I’ll be more active in blogging again sometime soon. My productivity comes in waves, I suppose. I don’t think I’m making much sense at the moment I’m already really sleepy and it’s only 11 PM so yeah bye

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My tablet pen hasn’t been working lately, so I’ve been channeling my creative frustration towards something else!

For the past few days I’ve been editing and compiling my poems and short stories from the past two years into an anthology booklet, which has yet to have a name. I printed the first rough draft last night to check sizing and margins and sure enough there were some issues! There were also some story-related errors that I’d overlooked, so there’s still a long way to go before I’d start designing the book’s layout and illustrating some stuff for its pages ^v^

This whole thing is pretty much a creative exercise for me, and I’m also working towards making it a personal birthday gift to myself. At the moment I’m only looking at printing a single copy of it for my own pleasure just as Blunt was for me back in 2009.

Currently my stories run for 60 pages, excluding the cover pages and table of contents. 2 of the 15 in the collection can be viewed on CrazYanka!

On another note, I’m using my brother’s t-shirt and apparently it’s one of his ~prized possessions~ lol whatever

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