Dream x3 combo

Summary: I dreamt that I sang for Les Miserables..??

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I dreamt that I was on a plane that was about to crash.

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My dream sort of made me realize why I’m afraid of commitment

Due to my irregular sleeping schedule lately, I had a short nap this afternoon. In hindsight my dream was awfully cheesy, or at least the parts that I could remember.

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I dreamt that I was playing a horror game with willow & jayden smith, my brother, and a kpop idol????? Plus I was playing as an ape that was apparently indestructible….ok?? Why is it that whenever I sleep before midnight I get the weirdest dreams U____U

Dream Talk

My dream was like this mixture of high school overnight parties, Singapore, Gaisano, prom, and Adventure Time. I think at one point I even saw the peppermint butler.

I don’t know why but I woke up at the part my aunt started nagging me on the phone. It was a nightmare, I tell you.

Anyway, in the dream, I actually had a love interest!!!! I am ashamed because he was a celebrity, and at the same time I am concerned because he ended up leaving me for my cousin afterwards.

I will never understand the stuff I dream of ok

Weird dream, what else is new

My dream self had a nightmare (bangungot to be exact. If I’m not wrong, that’s sleep paralysis in English.) Can you just imagine how scary that is??

Anyway, when my dream self went back to bed (ugh so confusing) the dream we had was just… twisted. As usual the setting of the dream blurred the Philippines and Singapore. Now that I think about it, the dream made little sense.

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My recurring dream about an apocalypse

Ever since I was little, I’ve had this recurring dream. I can’t really remember what it’s about since I haven’t dreamt of it lately, but I do know that I’ve dreamt of it about 3 or 4 times over the span of about 5 years. Even when I’m in the dream, I know that I’ve dreamt of it before. It’s quite interesting. All I could remember from it is that I’m in a bowling alley, which is funny since the last time I’ve been to a bowling alley was when I was around seven years old.

This past few weeks however, I’ve been having a different kind of “recurring dream.” They’re more like variations of each other, but they all had the same theme, and they were somewhat connected. It’s the end of the world.

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My dream last night was that I was with SGstuck and for some reason we were meeting up with Hussie

then one of us asks him “How will Homestuck end?”

and he answered,

"It doesn’t have to end."


Last night I went to bed by 3 AM. I woke up by 7 AM, and I was puffy eyed and feeling lightheaded. Whenever I don’t get enough sleep (or don’t get any sleep at all) I always tend to feel as if I were a puppet, like I was barely touching the ground and that there was some sort of force pulling my head upwards.


This morning, I had one of the most peculiar dreams. It wasn’t the usual kind of dream that I had. For starters, I don’t exactly remember how the dream started, and I only remember how it ended. For some mysterious reason, the place I was in was going to be bombed. I think I was in a train station. I don’t remember who I was with, but I think my younger brother was there. I remember that we were given time to escape the place before it exploded. Instead of running towards the exit, I just stayed inside the building and walked calmly towards the bomb. I don’t really remember the first few details that well (but I do recall that the setting had a lot of posts and it was colored in white) but I do remember the explosion — It felt real but unreal. This was one of those dreams wherein a part of my conscious mind was “in the works,” like I could “think” while in the dream. I remember thinking something like, “Should I die now? Will I have regrets?” but even before I could really settle what I wanted to do, the bright orange flames had already engulfed my being and before I knew it I was dead.

The feeling of “death” in my dream was quite… different from what I usually imagined. Even though I was burned to death, I didn’t feel any pain. I remember my last thought was “I love you, Lord.” and after that I felt some sort of.. detachment. In that moment I could see my body lying on the floor, the next second it was as if my soul and my body had split, and after a heartbeat my flesh had already burnt but my soul was set free, flying elsewhere. I remember feeling the relief of having “died”. It’s as if I were set free from my worldly cares, and I felt at peace with myself. It was actually a very comforting feeling.

Last night as I said my prayers, I mentioned the CDO tragedy, the death toll, my brother, and I also thought about wanting to have a good dream to comfort myself. I think this dream was an answer to my prayer, somehow. Also, yesterday I read a poem about death being man’s best friend, so that piece of literature must’ve played a role in the plotting of this dream somehow, and the SMRT train situation must’ve contributed to the train station setting… Either way, I feel a little more at ease now. Regarding the CDO tragedy, the people who have died are at peace now. Nothing would come out of feeling sorry for them, pitying them, or maybe regretting something I did to them. I guess the more important thing is to look after those that they’ve left behind, to help them heal, to help them move on.

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