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hi i am yanka

I loved Kimi ni Todoke! I first read the manga even before the anime series got launched, and although I’ve not been catching up with the manga I watched both anime seasons last year.

So when I was checking Ate Abegail's blog and saw a post about it, I immediately spazzed to her about it hahaha! She asked me if I'd made any fanart for it and I realized that I haven't, so before I draw a group picture as per her request, I decided to see how Sawako would look like in my drawing style, and although it doesn't look like the canon character I still think she looks… passable. Hahaha!

This is my first time drawing her. I’m probably going to run through her design (and all the other characters too!) a little more before I make a full-coloured drawing of the rest of the group :)