if anyone would ask why i like fuji, i’d just show them this screenshot tbh


got an unexpected day off, so i doodled this baby bird to pass the time ^o^/


those shoujo sparkles pls im gonna combust TToTT

click here for abemiha context~


got a text saying they needed to buy more stuff for the team i guess

couldn’t choose between the original and blurred version + a progress gif of sorts:


i gave up on this drawing twice but the otp power was just too strong


i just felt like drawing them and i didn’t even know it was tsukiyama week bye


A neuron looks an awful lot like a nebula, you know, and it’s just as well — I might as well be harboring an entire universe inside my head.



No need to be scared…or alive.


i finished reading all the available english scanlations of tokyo ghoul in less than 24 hours :((


trying out a new style