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hi i am yanka

Screencap redraw! Please fullview~

I don’t draw backgrounds, so I decided to start practicing with a rather simple one;; Here’s a 60% zoom of the actual size, too!

I recently bought a new tablet for myself~ Since I haven’t drawn with a proper tablet in almost a year plus I haven’t been drawing at all in the past two months, the first few doodles I made with my new tablet were pretty awkward… But I’d like to think I’d be able to start drawing better stuff soon! So exciting! ^u^/

Inside this place is warm
Outside it starts to pour

redrew one of my oldest drawings, which i probably made all the way back in 2005.

I made some (really lame) greeting cards for my family this year, and my brother and I happen to share this intense passion for NGE…

Happy holidays!



Yanka thinks that it’s horrible, I think it’s awesome. Now, all I need to do is throw my iPad away and go hide under a rock because OH MY GOD THIS IS LEGIT GOOD. ; A;

why do i insist on being an artist. i suck.

Starting to get a hang of using the mouse for drawing again, but I still got a serious headache after working on this! If anyone’s willing to donate a new tablet pen, I will love you forever ;u;

Also I didn’t think this was horrible! I just think I could’ve done better, especially lighting-wise >___>

As usual it was fun working with Kenneth’s line work hehe they’re always so much neater than my own ;u;


since my tablet broke I wonder if I would ever finish this one :(

Collaboration with my bb! Line work by Ken and colouring by myself~

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